Standard Valet :  £55.00  A basic  valet  which is recommended for regular use.
and is great for cars to be kept in good condition

   * Exterior cleaned, dried and waxed.
  * Door shuts cleaned
  * Interior polished / door panels cleaned / dashboard polished /
  * Interior mats dressed (rubber) shampooed (carpet)
  * Boot vaccumed
  * Exterior trim / tyres dressed
  * Exterior waxed
  * interior deoderized

This Valet essentially leaves the car in showroom condition but without shampooing the seats / carpets and is a good one for newer cars that need to be returned to their previous condition.

Interior Valet : £55.00    A Full Showroom Valet  on the Interior of your car including,
   *  Seats / Carpets shampooed to remove dirt and stains.
  *  Door panels cleaned and polished 
  *  Dashboard/ interior trim cleaned and polished
  *  Mats cleaned/shampooed,
  *  Boot vaccumed and cleaned
  *  Windows polished.

This Valet is for a car which really needs some special attention to the interior

Full Valet  : £75.00    A Full Showroom Valet on the whole car.

This combines the Full Interior Valet above and also

  * Exterior Waxed with Superior  approved polish
  *  Bumpers / exterior trim polished with plasti conditioner
  * Wheels cleaned with alloy wheel cleaner
  *  Tyres Dressed

     This Valet is what a main dealer would do to prepare a car for sale

Remember, these services are carried out at your home , work or where ever we can get next to your car using our fully mobile service

Mini Valet : £20.00

This service includes exterior washed and dried, interior vaccumed, dashboard and plastics dusted, windows cleaned, tyres dressed.

This is a basic , general valet designed for regular use and is not to be considered as a cure for very dirty cars.


(does not include removal of pet hair/odour) 

Some other Valeting/Detailing companies will want to charge you £200 PLUS for some of their services, and £40 just to wash your car. We can also offer those prices but we'd rather offer sensible services to customers who would like their car looking good all the time.....not just once every year or so.

                                                We've been looking after cars for 30 years for a reason.